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About us

Geothermal  Ukraine’ (further – GU) is a non-profit R&D organization founded in April, 2022 and committed to promoting geothermal research and development in Ukraine.

Geothermal Ukraine combines the efforts, knowledge and skills of professionals in the field of petroleum engineering, geoscience and other academic/research expertise in fields related to geothermal energy. The synergy of the academic and professional community with the oil and gas industry will contribute to the development of Ukraine’s geothermal potential to ensure energy independence and increase energy security.


To promote geothermal energy sources development in Ukraine to accelerate the energy transition and reach net zero carbon emissions.


  • Accumulation of the best global practices and experience in obtaining geothermal resources, taking into account the local geological structure and legacy oilfield infrastructure in order to apply them in Ukraine;
  • Promotion of the Ukraine’s energy transition to geothermal energy resources;
  • Creating a basis for R&D activities in Geoenergy that will allow realisation of potential and provision of active support for the Ukraine’s energy sector modernization.


  • promote the application of know-how and modern technological developments for the use of geothermal energy sources;
  • promote the implementation of Ukraine’s energy transition to renewable energy sources (geothermal) and decarbonization initiatives;
  • develop a scientific and practical basis for the use of the Earth’s energy potential and participation in the modernization of the energy industry of Ukraine;
  • inform local authorities, industry and the population about resources and a diverse range of geothermal solutions;
  • promote the exchange of knowledge, information and professional skills among members of the organization and other interested parties;
  • raise awareness in order to promote the use of clean geothermal energy as a sustainable energy system in Ukraine.

Areas of activity

  • To carry out scientific and technical research and implementation of R&D projects in the field of geothermal energy:
    • direct use of thermal water in balneological applications;
    • evaluation of the shallow geothermal potential for heating and cooling;
    • feasibility study of the deep geothermal resources, in particular – repurposing plugged, abandoned and orphan oil and gas wells into geothermal ones;
    • evaluation and feasibility study on the potential for geothermal energy and critical raw materials (CRM) recovery from formation fluids and geothermal brines based on existing geothermal and oil and gas wells;
    • R&D for underground thermal energy storage facilities in Ukraine.
  • To facilitate the implementation of new technologies in the processes of search, exploration and extraction of geothermal resources
  • Participation in state regulation of the development of geothermal energy in Ukraine:
    • conducting an independent public, scientific and technical and economic examination of draft legislative acts and programs on the development of geothermal energy, use and protection of subsoil, research programs, developments and inventions;
    • development of a proposal for legal regulation in the field of geothermal energy development and subsoil use;
    • development of sensible policy mechanisms that will allow all forms of geothermal energy to increasingly penetrate the national energy market in accordance with climate change and energy security policy objectives.
  • Scientific and educational activities and popularization of geothermal energy in Ukraine:
    • publication of scientific articles;
    • organization of exercises, trainings, workshops aimed at deepening theoretical knowledge and developing practical skills in the application of appropriate software for geothermal modeling;
    • organization of seminars and conferences for exchange of experience and knowledge;
    • internships and exchange programs for students.

To etablish cooperation with state and local authorities, scientific institutes and universities, relevant business structures, intergovernmental and international organizations through membership in geothermal associations.


  • sustainable development
  • innovations
  • lifelong learning for continuous development

International Сooperation

Join us

A member of GU can be a persons who recognize the Charter of the organization and contribute to activities aimed at achieving the organization’s mission and objectives.

To join us plese send a request to the official email address and we will contact you for further instructions.


15 Karpatska str.
76000, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (096) 243-53-36